Happy Mother's Day

Bibi Hayati


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From the moment of time's first drawn breath,
love resides in us, a treasure locked into the heart's hidden vault.

— Bibi Hayati

Bibi Hayati, b. 19th century AD - Kerman Province, Persia

Born in present-day Iraq, Bibi Hayati came from a family with a long tradition of Sufi practice. A poet and mystic, she received her early training from her brother and later became the discipline and wife of the Sufi Master, Nur Ali Shah. Hayati was acquainted with both exoteric and esoteric sciences and adhered to the external principles of Islam, while also embracing the fundamentals of Sufi gnosticism. During her lifetime, Bibi Hayati became well-known for her passionate mystical poems that reflected the universal transcendence of the Divine. These intensely lyrical and ecstatic poems were originally sung in the Persian (Farsi) language.

Size: 6 x 9 in
Limited-edition metallic gold screen print on acid-free, heavy-weight watercolour paper. 
Ships in a flat protective envelope.

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