Listen to the Voice of Nature

Huron Proverb


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Listen to the voice of nature for it holds treasures for you.

— Huron Proverb

The Huron Wendat nation was a confederacy of five Iroquoian-speaking first nations who lived in what is now Northern Simcoe County, Ontario. At their peak, members of the Huron Wendat nation numbered around 25,000 people. The Huron Wendat were renowned for their trade and agriculture, trading corn and hemp rope with other first nations for fur and copper. The women of the Huron Wendat were guardians of the family and village traditions; the men aspired to earn reputations for generosity, good advice, and good speech-making. In the 1650’s, after years of decimation by disease and war with neighbouring first nations, the Huron Wendat were dispersed throughout the midwestern United States. Today, about 3,000 Huron Wendat members reside in Wendake, Quebec. Famous Hurons include Degandawida, the father of the Five Nations Confederacy that was one of the models for the American constitution.


Size: 11 x 14 in
Digital print with gold metallic screen print layer on smooth, FSC-Certified cover stock.
Ships in a flat protective envelope.

Frame is not included.


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