Rejoice - Birthday Card



  • Rejoice - Birthday Card
  • Rejoice - Birthday Card

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Within the body are gardens,
rare flowers, peacocks, the inner Music.

— Mirabai

Mirabai b. 15th-16th century AD - Merta, Indiaron Tribe

The details of Mirabai’s life are contested, but it is believed that she was born in 1498 in Merta in the Indian state of Rajasthan. At the time, Merta was an independent kingdom with a fortress city created by Mirabai's grandfather, Rao Dudaji, and ruled by her father, Ratan Singh. Mirabai's mother died when Mirabai was a young child. As a Brahmin and a royal princess of Merta, she was educated at home in literature and music. Soon after her marriage, Mirabai turned her back on convention and devoted her life to her Lord Giridhara. Mirabai’s grounding in music helps to explain the hypnotic simplicity of her songs. Her work gives a poignant picture of both the passion of mystical union and the despair of longing for one. She spent her final years at the temple, and to this day her poems are widely sung throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Size: A2 - 4.25 x 5.5 in
Offset full colour print on smooth FSC-certified cover stock.

Inside: Rejoice in the world within. Happy Birthday!


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