The Soul of the Wise



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The soul of the wise man assists the work
of the stars.

— Ptolmey

Claudius Ptolemy, b. 1st-2nd century AD - Alexandria, Egypt

Claudius Ptolemy was an influential scientist and polymath, most well-known for his influential works in astronomy and astrology. Very little is known about the personal life of this Greek-Roman who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. Ptolemy spent most of his life in the pursuit of knowledge and is famous for a number of discoveries; however, his reputation came along with his astronomical works. He recorded over 1000 stars, of which 300 were newly found. Ptolemy’s major astrological text is the Mathēmatikē Syntaxis (The Mathematical Collection), which later came to be known as the Almagest (from a hybrid of Arabic and Greek, ‘the greatest’).  In this book, Ptolemy’s presents empirical arguments for the basic cosmological framework within which he worked. While, many of his theories were proven to be incorrect, Ptolemy was among the early scientists who contributed a great deal to the advancement of mathematics, geography and astronomy.


Size: 8 x 10 in
Limited-edition one color screen print on raw, FSC-certified cover stock. 
Ships in a flat protective envelope.

Frame is not included.


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